Friday, December 9, 2011

***Winter wonderland***

Not a big fan of cold weather but when I see snow...aaahhh! :) Warm clothes, hot cocoa or tea, music on the radio, sitting in the cozy home and watching the snow from the window. That's my perfect winter wonderland! :)
But maybe a walk and a sound of squeaking snow under your feet wouldn't be so bad. Till I fall in love with winter and snow (like I do every year with the first snow)...


p.s. Christmas is coming! ;)


  1. awww pretty pictures. Even though I hate cold weather, i love when it snowed all over the place,

    Like your blog

    Following your blog. Will you follow me back?

  2. I konačno uspjela sve da vidim! Divnooo! Ovako zamišljam naše praznike! <3 :*

  3. Perfect Winter wonderland, its snowing already...such a nice view to look at. <3


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