Friday, August 17, 2012

Instagram for kids

Today I found something that got me thinking about my childhood toys. Everything was so simple yet interesting. We didn't have computer games, mobile  phones nor all the apps that we use today and probably can't imagine our life without them now. That thing that got me thinking is - Anagram
Anagram is a wooden toy inspired by the popular camera and photo-sharing mobile app Instagram. It's designed by Twig Creative, a husband and wife team. The toy is handmade from wood, cork and leather to look like Instagram icon. I love it! As they say - we're nostalgic for nostalgia!

This is not the only toy from this "family factory". Toys are inspired by the modern gadgets that promote analog learning and creativity in digital world. Take a look here and see how the anaPad2 looks like - a creative tablet for kids (and adults). 
Besides wooden toys, Twig Creative also designs furniture and accessories. 

Check out their website or visit their blog

All the phots are from Twig Creative website


  1. divan je anagram! ja se i dalje pitam kako smo mi ranije ziveli bez mobilnih telefona, ne mogu da se setim!
    uvek sam najvise volela drvene igracke :)
    jako mi se dopada blog:)

    1. Upravo zbog te ljubavi prema drvenim igračkama me je i zainteresovao Anagram. Hvala na lepim rečima!

  2. Odlična ideja, baš fino izgleda:)


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